Top 5 Best Massage Chairs 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Imagine entering your living room after a busy day. The challenges you’ve encountered have left an imprint on your body and mind. Instead of unwinding with a glass of wine, you head to your home massage chair! Your personal masseuse awaits, poised to envelop you in supreme comfort. Within a matter of minutes, you’re floating on a cloud of ease.

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Massage Chair Comparison

Full-Featured Luxury Shiatsu Massage ChairShiatsuBeige, Black, Brown, RedCheck Price
kahuna lm6800Zero Gravity, ShiatsuBrownCheck Price
iRobotics 7 Medical Massage ChairZero Gravity, ShiatsuBlack, Chocolate Brown, CreamCheck Price
Inada Sogno DreamWave Massage ChairShiatsuDark Brown, Cream, Red, Black, TrublackCheck Price
Osaki OS-4000 ExecutiveShiatsuBrown, Brown-Black, Cream, Charcoal, Charcoal-Beige, Black-Beige, WhiteCheck Price

CREAM OF THE CROP – Top 5 Best Massage Chairs Reviews 2019

Below is an overview of five highly-rated chairs:


Full-Featured Luxury Shiatsu Massage Chair by BH and iDeal Products


Style – Shiatsu

Colors – Beige, Black, Brown, and Red

Key Features – Body Scanner, Seat Vibrator, Backrest with Built-In Heat, Rear Wheels, 4 Motors, 4 Automatic Programs, UL-Listed

Timer – 5 to 30 minutes


Bask in the comfort of a simulated hand massage in this cushy, contoured chair. Choose from 4 automatic programs and 14 massage methods. Manual mode enables you to adjust the back rollers and select your preferred strength, width, speed, and vibration. Airbags can also be modified to your liking.

Your session begins with a scan of your body size for a tailor-made massage. With the touch of a button, ease into zero gravity positioning. Four massage functions deliver shiatsu, kneading, rolling, and vibrating. The wheel-driven massager soothes your neck to lower back. For the ultimate lounging experience, choose Deeper Relaxation mode. Then, enhance your pampering with infrared heat. Comfort tired feet with reflexology, using acupressure stimulation by kneading balls.

Warranty – This chair is backed by a three-year warranty, including servicing. A three-year extended warranty is also available.


Zero Gravity, Space Saving Kahuna Massage Chair, Model LM6800


Style – Zero Gravity, Shiatsu

Color – Brown

Key Features – Two-Level Zero Gravity Positioning, Body Scanner, Heat, Detachable Foot Rest, 4 Automatic Programs, 36 Airbags, UL-Listed


The Kahuna LM6800 has the unique distinction of being an FDA-registered medical device. If you have private healthcare insurance, you may be eligible for reimbursement of your purchase price. Your request must be accompanied by a doctor’s order. Of note is that Medicare does not cover the cost of massage chairs. 4/

Your body will melt into the soft, leather-like material of this chair! Sessions begin with an automatic body scan. Choose from four automatic programs and three speed levels. You can also adjust the pressure to your preference. Then, just relax and luxuriate in the soothing heat.

The Kahuna’s airbags will massage your shoulders, arms, waist, and hips. A roller system supports your spine, relieving pressure on spinal discs. Massage is gentle yet deep. Techniques include kneading, rolling, and tapping in classic shiatsu style. The foot rest detaches for cleaning. With dimensions of 51 x 48 x 31 inches, this chair is quite compact!

Warranty – Your purchase is supported by a three-year limited warranty, covering parts, labor, and the chair’s framework.

Demo – Here’s a video clip of the Kahuna.


iRobotics 7 Medical Massage Chair by Luraco Technologies


Style – Zero Gravity Shiatsu

Color – Black, Chocolate Brown, Cream

Key Features – Zero Gravity, Body Scanning, Full Heating System, Integrated MP3 Music System, 9 Automatic Programs, 10 Motors, UL-Listed

Timer – 5 to 30 Minutes


Unique to the iRobotics 7 is FDA endorsement of safety and use. Another novel feature is widespread warmth. Most chairs deliver heat to the back and seat. iRobotics makes your feet toasty warm as well. Your massage is administered by 80 airbags, the largest number of any chair on the market! You control the depth of massage with adjustable roller and airbag technology.

Begin a massage session with a full body scan. Then customize your pampering with nine automatic massage programs:

  • Quick
  • Health
  • Morning
  • Night
  • Shiatsu
  • Swedish
  • Stretch
  • Soft
  • TV

Noise reduction enhances your relaxation with quiet operation. Enjoy the liberty of manual mode for turning off individual chair sections. The chair also welcomes family use. Up to five people can design and store programs. This beauty is powerful, containing 10 motors!

Warranty – The chair comes with a five-year limited warranty for framework, three years for in-home service, and two years for parts. This is one of the most comprehensive warranties available.

Demo – Here’s a video intro to the iRobotics 7.


Sogno DreamWave Massage Chair by Inada


Style – Shiatsu

Colors – Dark Brown, Cream, Red, Black, and Trublack

Key Features – Zero Gravity, Body Scanning, Back and Seat Heating, 16 Automatic Programs, 18 Manual Programs

Timer – 15 to 30 minutes


DreamWave is the ultimate in luxury! For over 50 years, Inada has been distributing shiatsu-type chairs. DreamWave is the company’s best massage chair, recipient of the 2014 Excite Award by Technology Integrator magazine.

Ease into the chair’s cradle, caressing your body in comfort. A sensor scan measures your spinal curvature, matching it to the ideal massage for your body type. Heat is delivered through both the back and seat. Select from 16 automatic programs, the most of any massage chair currently sold! Massage simulates the hands of a professional masseuse, using airbags, balls, and rollers. Figure-eight choreography fully relaxes your body.

Among the shiatsu-style massage options are:

  • Quick
  • Morning
  • Night
  • Full Body
  • Fully Body Air
  • Stretch
  • Youth – For age 14 and above

Customize your sessions with 18 manual programs, including Human Hands, Back Vibration, and Double Kneading. Inflating air cells deliver soothing rhythmic compression. Durable, leatherette material is soil-resistant and antibacterial.

Warranty – The DreamWave comes with a three-year limited repair or replacement warranty, with in-home service by a national team of technicians.

Demo – Here’s a video introduction to the DreamWave.


Osaki OS-4000 Executive


Style – Shiatsu

Colors – Brown, Brown-Black, Cream, Charcoal, Charcoal-Beige, Black-Beige, White

Key Features – Zero Gravity, Low Back Heat Therapy, 6 Automatic Programs, 3 Manual Programs, 46 Airbags, UL-Listed

Timer – 5 to 30 minutes


The Osaki OS-4000 is consistently top-rated in massage chair reviews. The unit’s 46 airbags are strategically located for full-body pampering. Body scanning adjusts the massage to the contour of your spine. Massage is delivered by soft dual rollers while your back is enveloped in soothing heat. Select from six unique automatic programs:

  • Demo
  • Circulation
  • Relax
  • Therapy
  • Healthcare
  • Smart

Manual programs offer three options, full-body, partial, and fixed. Further customize your sessions with five levels of intensity and speed. The six massage methods include clapping, kneading, shiatsu, Swedish, rolling, and combo. The calf rest can be extended and elevated. Despite its sophisticated design, this chair is petite by industry standards, measuring 47 x 32 x 46 inches. The soft vinyl covering is sturdy and easily cleaned. Many customers regard the OS-4000 as the best investment they’ve ever made. Reclining in this chair, you’ll feel like royalty!

Warranty – The chair is backed by a three-year limited warranty for repair or replacement. Parts, labor, and one-year of in-home service are included.

Note: The chair fits a 20-inch shoulder width, height of 6 feet, 4 inches, and a weight of 265 lbs. If you need a roomier chair, an ideal choice is the iRobotics 7. This chair is designed for the American consumer, accommodating a height of 6 feet, 7 inches and weight of 300 lbs.

Warning – This machine is contraindicated for those with pacemakers or implanted medical devices.

Demo – Here’s a video introduction to the Osaki OS-4000.

Rewards of Massage Chair Ownership

Massage chairs offer a host of health benefits. Here’s what you stand to gain:

  • reduced stress
  • heightened immunity
  • healthy blood pressure
  • pain relief
  • easy breathing
  • improved posture
  • better flexibility

The decision to buy a massage chair requires careful thought. Since it’s a major investment of your hard-earned money, you want to choose wisely. To facilitate your decision, I’ve done the research and legwork for you. Here’s how to identify a quality product and the best chairs on the market.

How to Choose the Best Massage Chair – Ultimate Guide

Basic Chair Components

Do the mechanics of a massage chair seem mysterious? Although the technology is advanced, here’s a simple explanation. Chairs are powered by motors and gears while massage is administered in various positions. Soothing strokes are simulated by airbags, rollers, and vibrating devices.

  • Reclining System – On most machines, reclining is motorized, activated by pushing a button. Simpler machines may require you to pull a release handle to assume a back-lying position.
  • Airbags – Inflated sections attached to a compressor apply pressure to your muscles. Their pumping action boosts blood circulation and relieves muscular pain.
  • Rollers – These devices deliver massage that approximates human hands. Some chairs feature rollers that solely move up and down. Others slide left, right, and in circular patterns.
  • Vibrating Devices – Powered by an electric motor, gears and wheels rapidly rotate, generating vibrations.

Here’s a front-view image of a massage chair’s basic design. Here’s a massage chair viewed from the side.

Massage Techniques

Chairs offer a variety of pampering methods, each providing a specific health benefit. The most common massage techniques are kneading, rolling, shiatsu, Swedish, and tapping.

  • Kneading – This technique is performed by rollers directed to pressure points, improving blood flow.
  • Rolling – Cylinders move along the back to reduce pressure on spinal discs.
  • Shiatsu – A form of Japanese bodywork, this method replicates finger pressure on energy points. The result is a deep tissue massage, relieving tension.
  • Swedish – Reproducing the long strokes of palm-driven massage, this style stimulates circulation and coaxes muscle relaxation.
  • Tapping – Applied along the back, the chair delivers a rhythmic, pulsing massage. Tapping releases tension and muscle stiffness.

Major Considerations

Now I’ll cover important features to consider in purchasing your dream machine:


The sturdiest chairs have multiple motors to fully support body weight and enable various functions.

Body Scanning

The unit assesses your body type, customizing the massage techniques and duration.


Widely-distributed brands are the most reliable. Sellers with the best reputations, such as Inada and Osaki, have been in business for at least 20 years. 1/

Technical Service

Ensure that the retailer provides technical service in your locale. Otherwise, you’ll have the bother and expense of re-packing your chair and shipping it to a repair facility. Sometimes returning a broken chair can cost as much as your original purchase! Restocking fees can run up to $1,000. 2/

Make sure you have a customer service phone number or email address whereby you can voice questions, concerns, or problems. You’ll also need this information should your chair require replacement parts.


The warranty is a clue to quality. Take special note of the exclusions. Some policies contain a high degree of legalese, camouflaging the fact that they cover virtually nothing. A reputable manufacturer provides at least three years of coverage for parts and labor. 3/

Massage Chair Types

Chairs are designed to support your head, back, and shoulders. Aside from this, there are four basic variations:

  • Robotic – Motors and electric vibrators generate massage strokes.
  • Shiatsu – The chair incorporates the methods of kneading, tapping, stretching, compression, percussion, and rolling. These techniques mimic the hands-on expertise of a professional massage therapist. Shiatsu targets pressure points on your body to clear energy blocks and relax muscles.
  • Swedish – Gliding and kneading motions create an invigorating yet relaxing experience.
  • Zero Gravity – You’ll feel weightless in this type of massage chair! The Zero Gravity position was devised by NASA to relieve spinal compression during space maneuvers. This flat, reclining pose evenly distributes your weight over the chair, relieving body-wide stress. Zero Gravity chairs offer deep massage. If you’re prone to edema, zero gravity is ideal. The back-lying position reduces leg and ankle swelling by positioning your legs above heart level.

Massage Chair Brands

BH and iDeal – BH and iDeal has a longstanding history of massage chair distribution. reports the company to be one of its fastest growing retailers. In its mission statement, BH and iDeal emphasizes the value it places on customers and pledges excellent service. The firm is based in Menifee, California. The Luxury Shiatsu chair is the company’s best-seller.

AJX.LLC – The Kahuna chair is distributed by AJX.LLC, a leading global retailer. In business for nearly 20 years, the company has a stellar reputation for after-sales service. AJX chairs are the result of ingenuity, diligent workmanship, and a commitment to quality. Accredited by the Better Business Bureau, the firm maintains an “A” rating, with a spotless record of customer complaints. AJX is based in Buena Park, California.

LURACO Technologies – LURACO Technologies is a renowned source of cutting-edge products for the commercial, military, and industrial sectors. The firm is staffed by scientists and engineers specializing in robotic massage systems for medical application. LURACO is listed among the Dallas Top 100 Companies. It’s also the recipient of the Achievement Award by the US Department of Commerce. LURACO is located in Arlington, Texas.

Inada – In business for over 50 years, Inada has an impeccable reputation. Its chairs are known for their contemporary design and outstanding quality. The company distributes shiatsu-type chairs through an exclusive relationship with a Japanese manufacturer. Inada has been honored with awards from the Consumer Electronics Show and the American Society of Furniture Designers. The company is based in Boulder, Colorado.

Osaki – With 13 worldwide offices and a business history of nearly 80 years, Osaki has a strong foothold in scientific technology. Based in Tokyo, Japan, the firm is at the forefront of massage chair design and innovation. The company’s engineering expertise has earned it the moniker “Precise Osaki.” Its mission is to “make products delighting customers.” Your satisfaction is assured.

Five Top Picks

Whether your priority is value, size, versatility, luxury, sophistication, or control, the above five chairs will ideally meet your needs. Each chair is designed with the highest quality in mind and backed by a solid warranty.

Enjoy all the benefits of having a home masseuse. You’ll be healthier, happier, and more relaxed. A massage chair can upgrade the quality of your life!

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