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The Best Massage Table: All There Is to Know

Did you know that despite its name, a massage table is more than just a piece of equipment used for a massage session? These types of tables are also utilized by tattoo artists, beauticians and aestheticians. Massage tables are where massage therapists position their clients who are getting a massage. This equipment is not an ordinary table because it is designed to accommodate a client whether for a massage, a tattoo session or any spa work to be done.

Most massage tables are made with client comfort and therapist ergonomics in mind. The best massage tables have a rectangular surface which is smooth, padded sufficiently, easily cleaned and attached to a set of sturdy legs. It is also composed of a face cradle where the client can lie face down and breathe easily.

This kind of equipment comes in different varieties. Some have detachable legs, foldable tables, and are portable depending on the intended use of the table. Massage spas and other suppliers commonly have a range of massage tables equipped with different accessories like padding, supports and other necessities for the comfort of the client. This piece of equipment is one of the most important furnishings a masseuse has to acquire in their establishment because it is the best setting that he or she can perform his or her expertise on relieving stress and soothing clients.

The Top 5 Best Massage Table Reviews 2019

The following products can be found on lists of the best massage tables. All of these are a perfect fit, with remarkable aesthetics yet a very affordable price. The massage products are ideal for home use as you can easily afford and use the features. These are the top five tables worthy of your business, as they have proper cushioning and support to provide you with a great comfort experience. These are also the most practical massage tables for business or for opening a spa. You can buy them in bulk due to their inexpensiveness without worrying too much about budget. In addition, the cushions do not wear and tear easily and the frame remains strong for a long period of time.

Each have also been assessed and passed certain criteria that relates their efficiencies with the standards of massage. Each is well built to cater different forms of massages offered by most massage spas and establishments.

You can also choose to have some of these products in different colors as the manufacturers have considered a sense of fashion. A variety of colors to choose can be a great way to match your massage tables with the decoration of your establishment if you plan to use it for massage or spa businesses.

ModelPricePortabilitySturdinessAdjustment Feature 
BestMassage – Black Portable Massage Table$LowHighLow

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Sierra Comfort – Professional Series Portable Massage Table$$HighLowModerate

Check Price

Sierra Comfort – Basic Portable Massage Table$HighLowModerate

Check Price

BestMassage – Two Fold Burgundy Portable Massage Table$HighModerateModerate

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BestMassage – Cradle Covered Portable Massage Table Bed$$ModerateHighModerate

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BestMassage – Black Portable Massage Table

bestmassage-black-portable-massage-tableLike most Portable Massage Tables it comes with height-adjustable legs ranging from 24 to 30 inches to accommodate all size of masseuses and cater for a wide range of massage therapies. This portable massage table fits the standard dimensions of a basic massage table with a length of 3 inches and a width of 24 inches.

It comes with a free, premium carry case for easy storage and transport, enabling the user to store it in a limited space.

It can be placed in the car to set up wherever and whenever needed. It is made from a combination of high-quality materials and beach timber with a thick layer of cushion that will not sink over a long period of time. This table is available in color black.

Although it is a strongly-constructed product, it cannot be compared to more expensive ones. But of course expensive tables are far beyond most people’s budget point. This table is a high standard massage table, but not the best as there are only few people and establishments that can afford to have them.


  • Has good value for your money – This table is economical. It is affordable compared to other portable tables that offer good quality materials as well.
  • Lightweight and very portable. It is made up of lightweight materials. Definitely a product for a mobile massage therapist.
  • Can handle a significant amount of working weight.
  • Comfortable because the material is smooth and easy to clean up.


  • Strength – Not as strong as stationary massage tables.
  • Noise – The moving and removable parts of the massage table may create some squeaks and noise while they move.
  • Flimsy parts – Some parts of the table won’t stay and need additional support like the head rest or arm extensions.

The BestMassage – Black Portable Massage Table is an efficient and top-of-the-class massage tables you would want to have for both home and business use. It can relax you or your customers to sleep as it is very comforting to rest on. It can be easily assembled and disassembled and is made of lightweight materials perfect for transport. You could never have a massage table so affordable but of high quality and with great professional aesthetics. This is a practical investment and a great table for purchase.

Sierra Comfort – Professional Series Portable Massage Table

sierra-comfort-professional-series-portable-massage-tableThe Sierra Comfort Package includes a free carry bag. The accessories that go along with the table are a semi-circle bolster, disposable face sheets, arm rest, and an adjustable face cradle.

It is equipped with 2.5 inches of high-density foam assuring ease and no strain during the massage session.

All parts are made from durable materials, including a split leather backing covered with a layer of polyurethane bi-cast leather, which is easy to clean and maintain as it is waterproof and oil resistant.

Some of the table’s parts are uneven, but it is no doubt strong and sturdy. The frame does not bend or make clacking sounds if carrying a heavy weight person, but the problem is not the quality of materials. The construction itself means some parts, specifically the legs, are a little bit uneven. This faulty defect, however, is barely noticeable.


  • The table comes with a good instruction manual. It is easy to assemble, dismantle and store.
  • It can hold at least 175 pounds of weight with ease without collapsing.
  • The table is very affordable, easy to use and is shipping-free.
  • It is a lightweight massage table with matching detachable extensions that can be of great assistance for both the masseuse and the client.
  • The 2.5 inches of foam cushion provides great comfort and can hold pressure during a massage session.


  • You get what you pay for. Since this table is so affordable, the material it is made of is not really that high quality compared to expensive products.
  • The padding is too thick and the disposable sheets that come with it are rough and uncomfortable to the face.
  • The straps in some parts of the table are only stapled at the end and can be easily torn off.
  • Included is an adjustable face rest that can barely move and wobble, making it difficult to have a stable support during massage session or therapy.

To summarize the product, the Sierra Comfort – Professional Series Portable Massage Table made it to the list of the best massage table as it is can serve you and your customers for a long period of time if you plan to use it for business. Each part that composes this amazing massage table is made strongly, provides support regardless of the weight and can withstand pressure bought upon by the masseuse during a session. It can be leaned upon and sustain a stable and firm ground. All of these great privileges can really make the best out of your investment.

Sierra Comfort – Basic Portable Massage Table

sierra-comfort-basic-portable-massage-tableThis is a massage bed with no head rest and arm extension, but it is fully equipped with a high density cushion and high quality frame that is good for any type of work and massage therapy.

The table itself is 72 inches in length and 28 inches wide, just about a standard basic massage table, which can accommodate different body types. Its height is adjustable with a range from 23 inches to 33 inches, allowing you to level it properly to your comfortable position.

The frames are made of beach maple hardwood. These woods are not the usual type of frame used but the construction is the same as most professional massage tables. The handles attached add great support and makes it easy to move. The great thing about this table is that it is oil and water resistant. It does not take much effort in cleaning and maintenance.

The wooden structure is durable but not that reliable. A humid room where massages sometimes take place will lower the durability as wood absorbs water. Oil, hot water, steam, alcohol, pressure and lotion can hasten the wood’s degeneration. The wood also cannot afford to carry heavy weight person. Doing so could possibly break or crack open the wooden frame.


  • Very versatile massage table that can be used for a spa treatment, massage therapy, tattoo session and even good as an exercise table.
  • This table is very easy to set up as well as put down and because it doesn’t come with any extensions, it saves time and energy before and after a workout.
  • It is made from maple hardwood which makes it sturdy enough to support a significant amount of weight but still light to carry or transport.
  • A very affordable table that can be used in different ways and functions.


  • It only offers a table, which can be strenuous to the arms and head without support during a massage therapy session or a body work out.
  • Like all massage tables, the material it is made of is as good as its price and you will feel the table is kind of flimsy if you are doing several movements on it.
  • You need to keep an eye on the security of the screws and parts. Also it is best to maintain this table well to avoid any damage to the table or client.

This product is top of the line aesthetics. It is elegant looking and a professional level massage table that your money can afford. Sierra Comfort – Basic Portable Massage Table is made of hardwood finished nicely with bleach maple. It can be easily assembled and dismantled as its main purpose is to be a portable massage table. The wooden construction replaces a metal frame in order for it to become lightweight. You can fold it and carry it around easily because it comes in a black case.

BestMassage – Two Fold Burgundy Portable Massage Table

bestmassage-two-fold-burgundy-portable-massage-tableThis massage table offers a high quality product made from birch and is guaranteed to carry at least 450 pounds of weight. The table has a 2 inch high, dense, small-cell foam to soothe any ache.

The price is extremely affordable, given that the set includes free accessories such as a head rest, face pillow, arm rest and hanging arm shelf.

It has a sleek design to help you easily fold the set into a case and vice versa. Setting it up is also very fast and efficient. You just have to open it and pull the legs up then lock. Place it anywhere you like.

This is ideal for home and personal use massage tables. There is a variety of colors to choose from, including black, burgundy, cream, a mix of black and white and lastly, pink.

The massage table set is larger than expected, making it hard for the masseuse to position. The largeness of the table also affects its portability because it is quite heavy. Folding the massage table makes the cushion the outer part of the case. With the cushion on the outside, it is more prone to damages, tears and wears upon folding. There are also some cases and reports that the massage table got broken after just a few years of usage, but based on the price, the quality properly equates to its cost.


  • The table is very study and can last throughout the day serving different clients of all shapes and sizes.
  • Very affordable table made of high quality materials.
  • Includes many freebies, especially useful accessories to assist the user in their work.
  • Built in just the right size with an adjustable height to adapt to any professional therapist.
  • It can be used as a work out or exercise table.
  • Very lightweight and easy to handle so you can bring it to any desired location.


  • The foam is thin and made from poor quality material. It may sink down through constant use and begin to flatten when set up in a business setting.
  • Lasts for home use but not so well in professional and steady use. It will creak and crack.

BestMassage is a company known in the massage industry because almost all of their products are best-sellers and usually serve thousands of satisfied customers. This Two Fold Burgundy Portable Massage Table is another one of their great products that has high versatility. It is easy to pack up and transport making it perfect for vacations or retreats. It is best for home use as business or spa establishments require most of their tables to be stationary. You will really see, feel and make use of your money’s worth.

BestMassage – Cradle Covered Portable Massage Table Bed

bestmassage-cradle-covered-portable-massage-table-bedThis outstanding product for BestMassage features an adjustable table height that ranges from 26 to 36 inches to allow you or the masseuse to level the table to their most comfortable position and posture as they apply pressure. It is made from a carefully-crafted birch hardwood, which is convenient for home use and professional work.

People who prefer to have their massages at home can greatly benefit from this classy product and the same goes for any masseuse who does home service.

Though it is made of hardwood, it is hard to break and it can carry significant amount of weight. Another nice thing is that the table’s cushion down to its frame is stain-free and does not easily wear.

The product’s frame is made of hardwood. That should make it light compared to a metal frame massage table. Unfortunately, it weighs almost the same, making the table still heavy to carry around single-handedly. The massage table is fairly large and the cushions are very thick. There are also add-ons on the sides such as the head rest side kits.


  • This table will save you a lot of space and money in comparison to buying a stationary table.
  • Has good value for your money. This table comes with a complete set of accessories to help you provide better service and the table itself is durable and sturdy.
  • Lightweight – Due to its portability, the table is light enough to be carried by one person, which saves you energy while setting up your physical therapy session.
  • The table includes many useful accessories such as a fitted sheet, semi-circle bolsters, a disposable headrest, detachable face cradle and more.


  • Strength – The weight limit may be 450 pounds but the table will easily give in and break when the weight is not properly distributed throughout.
  • Cheap freebies – The freebies are cheap and can cause irritation to the skin because of the material they are made of.
  • The extensions are flimsy and difficult to align, especially during a massage session as they become loose and hard to remove as well.

This Cradle Covered Portable Massage Table Bed by BestMassage is an ideal product for people who want a table that can easily be transported and carried around. Pertaining to the price, it is reasonable given all its features, comfort and sturdiness. It promotes a relaxing feeling to the person resting on the table. This portable massage table made it to the list of best massage tables due to vast number of people purchasing and being satisfied.

How to Choose the Best Massage Table

Size of the table

One of the most essential things to consider when getting the best massage table is its dimensions. A good rule of thumb is picking a narrower width at least 28 inches, or 70 centimeters, for smaller massage therapists. For the taller masseuse, it is best recommended for the table to be at least 30 inches, or 76 centimeters.

All in all it will still come down to preference. Make sure that the massage therapist will be able to get close enough to the client to perform the needed therapy from the waist to shoulders, hips and hands.

It is important to note that body types vary and you need to consider if the table will be wide enough to accommodate each shape. However, the massage therapists’ wellbeing should also be taken into consideration. For instance, short therapists working on a wide massage table may develop complications such as back pain or other injuries if working in an unfit setting during the therapy.

Next is the length of the massage table. Generally, the common length for a regular massage table is 73 inches, or 185 centimeters. Some massage tables are extended by face cradles which are about 7 inches, or 20 centimeters, increasing the total length of the massage table to 205 centimeters. Since we aim to determine the size of the massage table in proportion to the size of clients, it is best to get a longer table rather than risk having a table that is too short. A table that is too small will leave the client’s feet hanging and cause discomfort or annoyance. Unless you are a mobile therapist who might take mobility into consideration, you need to put some serious thought into what you need lengthwise. At the end of the day, the best massage table size will still depend on the masseuse capability and training expertise.

Material of the table

Traditionally, a lot of massage practitioners are advised to get wooden tables over aluminum ones. This factor will still depend on preference and the functions that you are aiming for.

Firstly, aluminum massage tables are significantly lighter than wooden massage tables and can stand up to tough appointments. This is an advantage for mobile massage therapists. Besides the low weight of aluminum, it is much stronger than wood especially when dealing with strenuous massage sessions.

The materials still carry some advantages and disadvantages. It is still up for the user or buyer to decide depending on his or her aesthetic preferences and the table’s factors, plus convenient functions he or she wants in a massage table.

Weight of the table

The weight of a massage table is categorized into two ways: working weight and carrying weight. You would want a table that can support you enough and will be able to sustain additional weight during the massage session.

What to Look For In a Good Massage Table

  • Durable – In your line of work or if you are simply wanting to relax at home, you want a massage table that is durable. Lying on a table is not the safest thing to do, so it is best to pick out something that can hold your weight, support your entire body and prevent any injuries from cracks or breakage of the table.
  • Adjustable – A massage table is generally manufactured to fit the needs of clients with different body features like height, weight and build. The adjustable part of a massage table is its face cradle. This is one of the necessary accessories a massage table should have to give the user freedom to breathe his or her way through the therapy because honestly, lying on your front with your face on a pillow will not give you any bit of comfort. The adjustable face cradle needs to be secure and stable as well.
  • Comfortable – Always pick out the most comfortable materials for your massage table. From the foam you are lying on, to the face sheets you cover. Irritation and more aches are not what you are aiming for.
  • A good investment – Look for a table that will last in the long run especially when running a business. Don’t settle by buying cheap tables that are not guaranteed to last but also risk the security of your clients. An unsafe table may jeopardize your whole business.
  • Price Wise – If you are on a budget, then think about what you need in a massage table before picking out the best. You may not need all the accessories, so pick out a sturdier and high quality table and frame that will fit your height and comfort.

Types of Massage Tables

There are three types of massage tables considering there are so many brands and products. These are stationary, portable and hydraulic. Each type will be explained and compared below.

Stationary Massage Table

This type of massage table is the strongest and the sturdiest among the three types. It usually has great aesthetics with a very professional look that is pleasing to the eye. The frames are made from strong metal. This table however, is hard to dismantle, transport or store after assembly compared with portable tables that can be easily folded and carried around. This table usually has no height adjustment unlike a hydraulic table.

Portable Massage Table

The portable massage table is the cheapest and most affordable among all other types of massage tables. It is also the lightest and easiest to assemble. Most massage therapists buy a table set like this for doing home therapy if requested by a client. Because it is lightweight, it is not very sturdy. Portable tables are usually made of hardwood which will eventually break compared to stationary or hydraulic massage tables that are highly durable and do not create any rattling sounds.

Hydraulic Massage Table

This table has more adjustment features compared to a stationary table. The sturdiness can surpass a stationary table. This table is the latest of all the types, making use of new inventions, engineering techniques and materials. The price, however, is very expensive, unlike a stationary or a portable table that is easily affordable.


Massage therapeutics date back over few millennia from Chinese literature. Ancient Chinese culture gave birth to the massage. Their relaxing and comforting benefits have continued to find new developments and techniques up to this date.

Different schools and universities, especially with focuses on medical and therapeutic programs, continue to study and learn the effects of massages, as well as find new ways to improve the current forms. They also offer short courses, trainings and programs for people who want to learn great massaging skills. You can learn about different techniques and have a keen eye on different tools, kits and accessories used such as a massage table, head-rest and other more.

The following are schools and universities where you can refer all your questions and queries about the things you need to learn in the field starting from the basics down up to setting an appointment:

• University of Minnesota
• Fremont College
• John Carroll University
• University of Maryland Medical Center
• Lansing Community College
• NC State University
• American Massage Therapy Association


The whole concept of massage and the equipment it requires like these five best massage tables are to relieve stress, provide comfort and as much as possible, make you experience the highest level of relaxation.

It is right to assess each product before you purchase or invest. Do some research about the advantages and disadvantage and the features a table offers. Try to read different reviews and customer feedback so that you can guarantee you get what your money deserves.

The products chosen made it to the list of five best massage tables because they have greatly contended the needs of countless customers who, until this day, continue to use these products. Hopefully, you and some others can also be satisfied because these products have withstood the test of time to give you what you need.

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