Type of Sprayer – Pull down, Pull Out, Side Spray

Many modern kitchen faucets are now more than just taps that dispense hot and cold water. A number of faucets are available that are equipped with a sprayer attachment, making the faucet more versatile.

Sprayers are a handy tool to have in your kitchen, with various different uses. You are can fill pots, wash fruit and vegetables and they are also effective for rinsing food from the dishes after a meal, before loading them into the dishwasher.

The three different types of sprayer are: pull down, pull out and side spray faucets. To determine which type of spray faucet is suitable for your kitchen, we will compare information about them below.

Pull Down Sprayer

A faucet with a pull down sprayer looks like a regular faucet but the nozzle is attached to a hose. The nozzle is usually held in place by a magnet until you want to detach it and use the sprayer. The hose will extend out of the main body of the faucet, allowing you to control the spray head.

These sprayers are easy to use and are particularly useful for large or deep sinks. The majority of pull down spray faucets have a high-arc design which gives you more clearance in the sink. It’s worth noting that, to get the best from a pull down sprayer, you’ll need good water pressure.

There are a couple of downsides with this type of faucet. You tend to get water splashing around the sink and the magnets that hold the spray head in place may wear. They will then need to be replaced.

Pull Out Sprayer

Pull out sprayers are similar to pull down sprayers but they usually have a longer hose and larger head. The hose pulls out horizontally instead of downwards. These faucets are a good choice if you have limited space. Decent water pressure is a must when using a pull out sprayer.

The longer hose allows you to fill pots on your counter rather than in the sink, which you may find useful. This type of faucet is also useful for rinsing your countertop after preparing and cooking food.

Due to the design and long hose, there are fewer faucets equipped with pull out sprayers and the choices are limited. You don’t normally get as much clearance with a pull out sprayer as the faucets are not arced. One advantage with a pull out spray faucet is that you experience less splashing.

Side Spray Faucet

A side spray faucet is completely different to the other two we’ve looked at and it involves installing a separate fitting. The standalone spray is located next to your regular faucet to give you a spray option. Side spray faucets are usually operated with a trigger, which needs to be held while spraying.

Side spray faucets offer some flexibility as they can be used with any other type of faucet, due to being a separate device. These sprays tend to have less pressure than pull down or pull out sprayers but they’re still useful to have. Side spray faucets are also available in traditional designs, unlike some of the other spray faucets on the market.

A downside to a side spray faucet is that you’ll need an extra hole in your sink or countertop. If you decide to replace or remove your faucet in the future, you may be left with an unsightly hole.

How to Choose a Faucet

Before you purchase your new kitchen faucet spray, it’s worth thinking about what you’re going to use it for. If you plan to use the spray on a regular basis, then a pull down sprayer is the best option. For occasional use, a pull out or side spray faucet will be adequate.

Make sure that your countertop or sink can accommodate the faucet you plan to install. It’s useful to measure the base of the faucet as well as the height and arc, as some may be too big for your sink or countertop. You might need to drill extra holes in your sink or countertop and some plumbing work will definitely be required.

If you choose to purchase a pull down or pull out spray faucet, make sure the hose is long enough to reach all areas of the sink. It’s worth measuring the height and reach of the faucet before you buy. If the hose is too short, the spray head is not going to reach areas where you need it to be.

Before you purchase a faucet check out our main guide to look at a range of modern and traditional faucets with extra features, including sprayers.

Final Thoughts

Whichever type of sprayer you decide to purchase, your faucet is going to be more useful than a standard one. Buying a decent quality faucet and having it installed properly will make your life in the kitchen more convenient.

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