Which Is the Right Arc Height and Style for Your Kitchen Faucet?

The faucet in your kitchen is one of the most important tools you have at your disposal. You use it for washing your hands, preparing vegetables, washing salads and clearing up after a meal.

Choosing the correct type of faucet for your kitchen will make life easier and there are a few things to consider when buying. You’ll need to check the size of the faucet, where it’s going to be situated, how it looks and how it will need installing.

It’s useful to look at some of these main points before buying the best kitchen faucet to ensure you make the correct choice.

Wall Mounted vs Deck Mounted

There are two ways that a kitchen faucet can be mounted and you can choose the option that’s most suitable for your needs or workspace. The faucet can either be mounted on the wall—or it can be deck mounted, which is more popular.

Wall mounted faucets are not as common as they were in the past, but a number of people still have them and prefer the look. Traditional style homes often have wall mounted faucets. However, they do have some limitations. Some wall mounted faucets don’t allow you to adjust where the flow of water goes and they can be tricky to replace when there’s a fault.

Deck mounted faucets give more flexibility and they’re more suitable for modern properties. The faucet is either mounted on top of the sink or on the worktop counter behind. Mixer faucets and individual faucets can be deck mounted and they’re easy to replace, with some basic knowledge and tools.

Spout Height and Reach

The spout height and reach of your kitchen faucet is one of the most important things to consider. You don’t want a faucet that’s so big it dominates the sink, but it needs to do what you want it to.

You’ll need to fit a faucet that is high enough to allow you to wash large pans without a struggle. If you don’t have any obstructions above your sink then you are able to wall mount faucets to suit your requirements. Deck mounted faucets, however, are a fixed height and it’s useful to take some measurements before you make a purchase.

Most deck mounted faucets offer around 10 to 14 inches of height above the sink, which is adequate for most people. If you need more height, there are taller faucets or you can install one that is fitted with a spray hose.

The reach of a faucet is how far it extends over the sink from the main supporting part. Some modern sinks have two or three bowls and the faucet needs to reach all areas to be functional. When you turn on the water with the faucet in a central position, the stream of water should be hitting the drain hole.

When you’re measuring for reach you should measure from the mounting holes to the center of the drain. This will enable you to compare the measurement with the reach and arc of the faucet before you buy.

Aesthetics of the Faucet

As well as being functional, you’ll want your kitchen faucet to be aesthetically pleasing. Select a faucet that fits in with the existing or planned decor of your kitchen. There are hundreds of designs to choose from. There are traditional, modern and industrial style faucets which are all suitable for kitchen sinks.

Traditional Style Faucets

Traditional style faucets are suitable for older properties, when you want to keep the fixtures and fittings looking original. Having a sleek chrome faucet in a farmhouse looks out of place, so choosing wall or deck mounted traditional faucets is a better option. These old style fittings are available in a range of finishes, including bronze, aged brass and copper.

Modern Faucets

Modern faucets are available in many contemporary designs and they tend to have cleaner lines than traditional faucets. These faucets have crisp angular lines or attractive curves and are suitable for newer houses and apartments. Modern faucets are usually stainless steel or finished in chrome, although you can find nickel plated types.

Many modern faucets also have other functions and are fitted with an extendable hose or spray attachment. These are more versatile than older style faucets and they’re more practical for modern day kitchens. One of the best kitchen faucets is the Hansgrohe Starck which has a high arc and sleek design.

Industrial Style Faucets

A number of property owners like the industrial look and there are faucets with this appearance. Industrial faucets have a used and worn look and they may feature exposed moving parts and springs. The manufacturers give these faucets an artificially aged look by using distressed bronze, brass, copper, and steel.

Check the Number of Holes in the Sink Already

If you’re installing a deck mounted faucet you’ll need holes in the sink to accommodate it. Your existing sink will already have holes in it but you may find you need more to fit a new faucet.

Most faucets require one or two holes and most sinks are pre-drilled to cater for standard faucet sizes. Some of the more modern faucets with hoses and soap dispensers require more holes and you may need to drill these.

If you want to replace a faucet with one of a similar design you’ll probably not need to modify the sink at all. You can simply remove the old fitting and drop the new one in before attaching the plumbing.

If you do need to drill holes in a sink it’s important to take some care to avoid damaging it. Many newer sinks are made from plastics or composites and they have blanks that pop out to accommodate faucets. If you have to drill a composite, plastic or ceramic sink you’ll need to use an appropriate drill and measure carefully.

If your new faucet requires fewer holes than you currently have there are blanking plates or covers available to block the holes. These plates and covers are not to everyone’s taste and they often look unsightly.

Final Thoughts

You should now have enough information to make an informed choice when you plan to purchase and fit a new kitchen faucet. Taking accurate measurements and selecting the correct style will ensure that your kitchen is functional and attractive.

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